Shower Screens

Our Coating (Silla) is specifically designed to repel chemicals, harsh contaminants and reduce water spotting. With a 5-year surface finish guarantee, it creates a long-lasting barrier that helps to protect your shower screen from staining, etching and the build-up of: lime scale, soap scrum, body lotions, oil, grime and dirt. Having a glass ceramic (SiO2) close to 90%, Silla’s self-cleaning and hydrophobic properties are guaranteed to reduce your cleaning time by up to 90%, water and contaminants simply fall straight off. No more need for harsh chemicals in the cleaning process, our coating works much like a non-stick fry pan, simply wipe down with a micro-fibre cloth or mild detergent (pH7). Applied to new and existing shower screens, we offer restoration of your screens, saving you the expense of replacing your shower screens only to have the same deterioration effects in the future. Our coating is guaranteed to keep you shower glass looking clean and clear for years to come.



Kitchen backsplashes & bench tops

Applications for peace of mind in the kitchen. With a surface finish guarantee of 5 years, our coatings can be applied to your backsplashes, alluminium surfaces, bench tops (all materials), and much more. Providing the ultimate protection against micro-mechanical scratches and more importantly protection against staining as a result of food, oil, water and other contaminents. This class leading protection will make the kitchen clean up a breeze. No need for harsh chemicals in the home, with simple maintenance, you simply wipe the surface over with a damp micro fiber cloth and mild detergent. If you would like to find out how to reduce your cleaning time and cost, contact one of our friendly team members today to arrange your free inspection and quote. 




Apogee Coatings offer a coating to protect your flooring from marks and staining, without the worry of the floor becoming slippery in the process. The coating can be applied to interior and exterior tiles, sealing the surface and greatly reducing cleaning time. Having a glass ceramic content of close to 90%, our Silla coating has extremely hydrophobic properties, that work to prevent anything from absorbing into the tile and grout. The hydrophobic properties also aid in the cleaning process, since only a 2% fall is needed in the floor for the contaminants roll off the surface. No more destroying mop heads trying to clean up high grit flooring. Apogee Coatings will take the effort out of your cleaning and maintenance.


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At Apogee Coatings we offer a free pre-inspection to assess your interior surfaces condition before we offer a recommendation and quotation. Based on our experience and considering these factors, at the inspection we provide you with an informative and accurate time and cost for protecting your surfaces.

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