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Apogee Coatings provides the world’s highest quality paint protection. Fully accredited in the application of Fireball – Next Generation coatings, our coatings contain the highest percentage of glass ceramic content on the market. With higher performance results, at a much more economical price in comparison to paint protection offered at dealership or other paint protection providers.

Our coatings hard-shell with a class leading hardness, scratch resistance, gloss, surface finish and hydrophobic property, ensuring the best coating possible for your car, motorbike, caravan, boat or truck. Having the versatility to be used on all automotive paints, including matte finish. You will never have to wax you vehicle again. 


Coating Quality Comparison


  Silla Butterfly (9H) Dok Do (9H)
warranty 5 Years 7 Years 10 Years


The best of fireball standard range offering the ultimate protection against salt and leaving your vehicle extremely hydrophobic (self-cleaning). With 5-years suface finish guarantee, this single layer coating will protect your vehicles paintwork from micromechanical scratches, various contaminants, weather conditions and UV, whilst leaving your vehicles paintwork with a superior gloss.

Butterfly+ (9H)

This option is our most premium single layer coating. This coating has a super hard 9H protection, with a high hydrophobic and chemical resistance. Butterfly was designed with the enthusiast in mind, with the highest gloss and depth of colour results of our range. Having a SiO2 content above 90% creates an unrivalled candy like glass and hardness thats results are guaranteed for 7 years.

Dok Do+ (9H)

This option has been the biggest game changer in protective coatings worldwide. Rated No.1, this ‘dual layer’ coating has a super hard 9H base layer, with a super hydrophobic, chemical resistant and glossy top coat added. Providing premium protection guaranteed for 10 years, it’s a must have for those who really love to take care of their investments.


car Coating Price Comparison


  Silla Butterfly (9H) Dok Do (9H)
Small $800 $1000 $1400
Medium $900 $1100 $1500
Large $1000 $1200 $1600
Van / SUV $1100 $1300 $1700


truck Coating Price Comparison


  Silla Butterfly (9H) Dok Do (9H)
light truck $900 $1100 $1500
Medium truck $1100 $1300 $1700
heavy truck $1400 $1700 $2200
day cab $2400 $3000 $4200
cab over $3600 $4500 $6300
prime mover $4000 $5000 $7000


caravan Coating Price Comparison


  16 ft $2990  
  18 ft $3290  
  20 ft $3590  
  22 ft $3890  

Paint Correction

A lot more than a simple "cut and polish", at Apogee Coatings we are trained in the art of paint correction to completely transform your cars paintwork, requiring time and expertise, it is for the customers that are looking for the ultimate finish for their cars paint. Paint correction refers to the permanent removal of imperfections within your cars paintwork that leaves it looking tired and dull, revealing a deep, mirror like glossy shine just like the day it left the manufacturers.

Paint correction can usually remove the daily wear and imperfections like; swirl marks, water spots, light scratches and ever bird etching without that high cost of a respray.


Book an Inspection

At Apogee Coatings we offer a free pre-inspection to assess your vehicles paint condition and the thickness before offering a recommendation and quotation. Based on our experience and considering these factors, at the inspection we provide you with an informative and accurate time and cost for correcting your paintwork.

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