Who We Are

Apogee Coatings was founded out of a passion, a vision and an opportunity to look after our beloved investments and save time on maintenance to truly live life at its fullest. The company started in the new financial year of 2018 and has quickly expanded due to growing ideas and client’s voiced desires, leading from cars to bathroom shower screens to all hard and pourous surfaces. It became apparent to us how needed our services were not just by the individual but by families, dealerships, companies and hotels, inviting us to grow our ranges to cater for our whole community, people and businesses alike.


Our Vision

Apogee’s vision is to build a strong foundation in our community where we can provide protection for the investments of individuals, families and businesses. We envision protecting vehicles, exterior glass and in home surfaces from all that can cause harm so that our clients can breathe easier and spend more time on the things they truly love to do.


Our Team


Court Oliver

Co-Founder & Master Coater

Hannah Mitchell

Co-Founder & Project Manager


Matty Seisenbacher

Master Coater



Give Back

A huge part of Apogee’s foundation for starting was the passion to give back to our community and the world in ways that are really needed. To fulfill this mission 5% of every sale is donated into a give back project. Our projects range anywhere from charity fundraising, to building or repairing schools and homes, to providing fresh water and food to those in need, and so much more. There is no limits and our drive is to do everything we can to give back as much as we can to the people and the land.