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We are a mobile detailing and surface correction and protection company with a workshop located in Burleigh Heads. Services ranging from detailing for Cars, Boats, Motorcyles and Caravans to in home protection for shower screens, kitchen benchtops and more. At Apogee Coatings use only the best quality products to ensure that your assests are well looked after. We are certified in Fireball which is the worlds leading glass ceramic protection, Our coatings protect against abrasions, weather and chemicals as well as reduce the amount of time needed to maintain your investments.


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High Quality Service

Delivering high quality service is our priority and we pride ourselves on making sure that your investment looks and feels fresh, protected and new. Our portfolio shows our work so that you can see for yourself and picture how your own investment will feel once finished with Apogee Coatings.


"My car now looks brand new again"

I am lucky enough to own a beautiful black Mercedes, which looks amazing... when it is clean!
The glass ceramic coating that Apogee Castings did on my Mercedes is incredible. My car now looks like brand new again, and has that ‘just washed’ look every single day.
The work was carried out professionally, in a quick turnaround time, and they were totally flexible with fitting into my work schedule, and the cost was very reasonable.
I have now also gained back hours of time that used to be spent cleaning my car... I feel proud of my car wherever I am driving now as it always look so clean and new... and I believe I will achieve a far higher trade in value when it is time for me to upgrade my car again.
I can highly recommend Apogee Coatings... both the product and the service is premium quality. Thank you so much!

Jeannie Anderson
Mayberry Meldrum & Anderson


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